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Every drop counts

Making an impact

We work in one of the world’s most important value chains, so even the smallest improvements can add up to major benefits. We have a responsibility to the world’s population and the planet we all share. We want our every undertaking to contribute to society in both small ways and large.

Every contribution counts.

By helping food processors produce quality food while managing limited resources responsibly, we help pave the way for sustainable growth. We select priority issues where our potential for impact is greatest.

In these ways and more, we are transforming the way food is processed.

ESG reports and related documentation

Our responsibilities

Marel is guided by three pillars of responsibility: social, environmental and economic. Each is equally important and guides our decision-making processes at all levels.

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Social responsibility

We take care of our people, our partners and our customers.

We provide a safe and respectful workplace that fosters diversity and inclusion. Our employees have opportunities for further education and career development.

As a global company, we reach out to communities where we operate to seek local insights and collaboration. Together, we forge the best solutions to benefit everyone.

We apply the highest standards at every level and do not tolerate human rights violations under any circumstances.

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Environmental responsibility

Throughout our value chain, we promote the most efficient use of resources to minimize environmental impact. Innovation is at the core of this strategy. We’re passionate about creating new methods to improve yields and decrease waste in food production.

As the leading global supplier of high-tech food processing solutions, our advancements can scale up to tremendous gains in sustainability.

We reduce the use of scarce resources such as energy and water, while promoting animal welfare, food safety and traceability. We’ve also implemented a number of projects to prevent environmental damage.

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Economic responsibility

Our mission is to generate value for our partners and shareholders through fair trade practices. We promote long-term profitability and good business practices along our entire value chain.

Transparency, innovation and collaboration are key. We comply with international laws, anti-corruption rules and local regulations, and do everything we can to ensure our partners, customers and suppliers do so too.

We believe that all parties must have a positive economic impact in the societies in which they operate.

Marel office

Corporate governance

We are committed to recognize general principles aimed at ensuring good corporate governance. Our corporate governance consists of a framework of principles and rules, including its Articles of Association and the Guidelines on Corporate Governance issued by the Iceland Chamber of Commerce, Nasdaq Iceland and the Confederation of Icelandic Employers.

Partnerships for a sustainable world

We support sustainable development and as a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, are committed to its Ten Principles and the Sustainability Development Goals. We focus on the goals where we can have the most positive impact.

Green And Sustainability

Sustainable supply chain

We are working toward creating a sustainable supply chain for
our own manufacturing locations as well as our external supply

Our goal is to collaborate with our suppliers across the entire
value chain to proactively mitigate societal and environmental
impacts caused by the development, production, and delivery of
food processing equipment and spare parts.

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