First Thigh Fillet System in Russia

Russian processor Yaroslavsky and Marel fit very well together

Thigh Fillet System 2 Carousels

Yaroslavl Broiler JSC is Russia’s first poultry processor to commission a Marel ACM-NT Thigh Fillet System. This fits in well with the vision of owner Mr. Elman Azizov. He insists on three key objectives for his company: deliver on promises made, every detail counts and the production of premium quality food. Yaroslavsky Broiler focuses on producing top quality products and selling them across the entire Russian Federation.

Yaroslavsky Broiler and Marel are long-standing partners. Ever since installation of the evisceration and killing lines in 2008, Marel and Yaroslavsky Broiler have been a really good match.
At this moment, the processing plant is running at 10,500 bph [175 bpm] prepared for an increase to 15,000 bph [250 bpm]. Meanwhile, gradual upgrades pave the way for future expansion.

100% cut-up
Yaroslavsky Broiler’s most recent upgrade was a new grading line, including turnable shackles, SmartWeigher and two IRIS vision systems for front and back grading. Innova PDS software helps determine the destination of each individual product. Most of the time cut-up products account for between 85% and 100% of production. Only in certain seasons can whole birds make up 10 to 15% of sales volume. This ratio highlights the importance of having a high-tech, intelligent and reliable cut-up system, in this case the Marel ACM-NT. The smart in-line cut-up process includes the JL-R anatomic leg processor, which is vital for the Thigh Fillet System that follows.

Yaroslavky Plant

Labor saving
In Russia, as in almost all other parts of the world, the availability of people to do skilled work is a big issue. The COVID-19 situation has only made this more important. That’s why Yaroslavsky Broiler is eager to automate as many processes as possible. Before buying the Thigh Fillet System, Yaroslavsky Broiler was already deboning their thigh fillets automatically, but this method still needed too many people. Using Marel’s Thigh Fillet System, Yaroslavsky Broiler saves at least six operators, previously needed for infeed and trimming. Now, legs stay in-line all the time, shackled to the ACM-NT overhead conveyor, allowing 14,400 anatomically cut legs per hour [240 pm] to be fed automatically to the Thigh Fillet System with no manual input needed.

Covid-19 effects
Due to the Covid-19 situation, Field Service Engineers from Marel Boxmeer in Holland couldn’t travel to Russia to install and commission the country’s first Thigh Fillet System. Marel’s local Russian engineers had therefore to do the job supported by Yaroslavsky Broiler’s technicians and remotely supervised by helpdesk experts in Boxmeer. It all worked out wonderfully.


Every detail counts
Yaroslavsky Broiler always does in-depth research before making a decision. The company is very keen on the mission ‘deliver on promises made’. Before a decision is made, information is collected worldwide. What is the market doing? Why is this bolt here and why is that nut there? They really go into detail. In this aspect, they fit very well with Marel, because for Marel too, every detail counts. Before selecting a thigh deboning system, they also did some serious investigation work. The company attended Marel’s official launch of the Thigh Fillet System in Marel’s demo center in Denmark.

Retail and food service
Yaroslavsky Broiler likes to have complete control over what they produce. To ensure top quality products only, each fillet is checked by human eye. This is in addition to putting all fillets through two SensorX inspection machines. That’s because one of Yaroslavsky’s key objectives is to produce premium quality food. This is a very successful approach both for retail chains and for the food service market.


About Yaroslavl Broiler JSC

In 1977 in the village of Oktyabrsky, Yaroslavl region, 400km [248 miles] north of Moscow, the construction of a broiler poultry farm began, which in 1982 produced its first products.

Today, Yaroslavsky is a vertically integrated poultry company with a closed production cycle from hatching egg production to finished products. At this very moment, a new feed mill is under construction, which is unique for Russia. The company employs more than 2,000 staff.
Yaroslavl Broiler JSC is the only specialized enterprise for the production and processing of broiler meat in the Yaroslavl region. The processing plant, equipped exclusively with high-tech systems, produces a carefully thought-out range of products that caters for the taste of all kinds of consumers. The focus market is Moscow, although Yaroslavsky’s own transportation fleet and wholesale warehouses ensure supply to the whole Russian Federation.

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