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Marel’s RevoBreader enables G+G Convenience to expand into new markets

Chicken Wings

After looking for some time for a new breading machine, Eduard Knagge, Managing Director of G+G Convenience Produkte, decided to ask Marel about their breading solutions. This request came at exactly the right time, as Marel was in the final stage of developing its new dual-mode breading machine, the RevoBreader.

“We already had five RevoPortioners in our production plant, as well as various Marel scales and batchers”, says Eduard Knagge. “So we already knew Marel and have always had a very good relationship with their sales and service teams. That is why, when they told us about their new solution, we were very excited to be involved in the final development of this new machine.”

Team effort

Eduard Knagge: “We worked closely with Marel’s innovation team in the final development of the RevoBreader. They showed great technological and process knowledge and we were interested to see the final machine. At the beginning of this year, the RevoBreader was installed in our facilities. Right from the start, we have been very happy with its performance. It produces high-quality products and has proven to be a very flexible machine.”

RevoBreader gives us the possibility to develop innovative high quality homestyle chicken products.

Claudia Rolle

Claudia Rolle
Product Development G+G Convenience


“In our production plant, we’re producing different end products, such as tempura nuggets, cornflake-coated nuggets and homestyle breaded chicken wings and fillets”, explains Claudia Rolle, who is responsible for product development. “On all of these production lines, we use the RevoBreader in a different way: as a pre-duster when we’re making tempura nuggets, in flatbed mode when we make cornflake-coated nuggets and in drum mode for home-style wings and fillets. Thanks to the machine’s flexibility, we really get the most out of our production lines.”

The RevoBreader produces high quality products and has proven to be a very flexible machine.

Eduard Knagge
Managing Director - G+G Convenience Produkte

New markets

With a growing demand from the market for home-style coated products, the RevoBreader is exactly what G+G Convenience Produkte needed. “It gives us the possibility to develop innovative high quality homestyle chicken products. That means we can increase our customer base and can even expand into completely new markets”, says Claudia Rolle. Eduard Knagge adds; “It enables us to grow our company even further in the future”.

Revobreader In Action

Dual-mode RevoBreader offers a flatbed and drum mode, all in one enclosure

About the RevoBreader

The RevoBreader is a flexible machine that offers a flatbed mode and drum mode in one enclosure. This dual-mode solution is the ultimate solution for applying high-quality coating, both to home style and flatbed coated products. Thanks to the large drum size, it is very easy to change between flatbed and drum mode, as the belt can be extended or retracted without removing of any machine parts.

About G+G Convenience Produkte

G+G Convenience Produkte is located in Garrel, Germany and employs over 50 people. The company focuses on the production of poultry convenience products, which are distributed to national and international retailers.

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