Mora shows dedication to RevoPortioner

Premium product asks for premium technology


Dutch convenience snack producer Mora (part of the Van Geloven Group) has been producing convenience snacks for almost 60 years. The most recent additions to the company’s product range are Crispy Chick’n products formed on the Marel RevoPortioner. Enrique Muñoz, Project Leader Product Development says, “One of the trends in convenience foods is the demand for high quality coated chicken products. Consumers have seen this in many Quick Service Restaurants and they value them as premium products. That’s why they are a great addition to our assortment.”

Premium structure and texture

Mora sees the RevoPortioner as the foundation for a high quality chicken product. “In order to create premium products, you need to ensure a premium meat structure and texture. This is exactly what the RevoPortioner offers”, says Luc Hecker, Innovation and Process Development Manager Mora. “I was first introduced to this machine in 2008, when we looked at a project together with Marel. However, it wasn’t the right timing for us. Over the years, we stayed in close contact with Marel and I continued to be dedicated to the technology. Last year, ten years after my first introduction, the timing was right and we installed a RevoPortioner in our production plant.”

Convenience snack producer Mora creates  high-quality chicken products with the RevoPortioner food forming machine.

Luc Hecker (Innovation and Process Development Manager Mora) and Enrique Muñoz (Project Leader Product Development Mora)

Demo center support

In order to get his colleagues convinced about RevoPortioner technology, Luc Hecker made good use of Marel’s Demo Center in Boxmeer. “Demo Center events are a great opportunity to see the technologies the market has to offer and gives great ideas for new product developments. That is why I attended every event with colleagues from different locations; to show them the added value of the technology and what it could bring us.” After finally opting for the RevoPortioner, cooperation with the Demo Center was very important as well. Enrique Muñoz continues, “To finalize our Crispy Chick’n concept we worked together with the Demo Center food technologists. The team has great knowledge and experience and shows that Marel is a real partner who will help you develop new products.”

With this Marel solution, we have opened the door to the future.

Luc Hecker
Innovation and Process Development Manager Mora

First impressions

Enrique Muñoz is pleased with the introduction of the new product and the new processing line. “We now have the flexibility to produce four different products on one machine. In addition, our operators are positive as well, because the RevoPortioner works smoothly and hygienically and makes very little noise. So all in all, everyone is happy.” Luc Hecker agrees: “after a couple of months of production, our enthusiasm hasn’t wavered. On the contrary, we have already purchased a second RevoPortioner, which will be installed soon. With this Marel solution, we have opened the door to the future.”

About Mora

Mora was founded in Maastricht, the Netherlands in 1960. Mora supplies consumers with a wide variety of convenience snacks through both food service and retail outlets. The Mora product range includes classics such as burgers and chicken nuggets and the recently introduced Chick’n Crispy range. In 2006, the company became part of Van Geloven. Ten years later in 2016 Canadian multi-national McCain Foods acquired a majority stake in Van Geloven.

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