Next phase of success for Europa Cuisson

Revoportioner Tenderloins

With twenty-five years experience in the cooked poultry meat sector, Europa Cuisson continually develops and adapts its range of cooked poultry products to meet the diverse and various needs of the food industry and catering professionals. Their products are marketed under the Europa Cuisson brand name and private labels in vacuum pasteurized packs, under controlled atmosphere and IQF frozen.

The company now enters the market with a completely new product line: a wide range of high-quality breaded chicken products, all made on a Marel Further Processing production line.

Juan Mate, CEO of Europa Cuisson says: “Our mission is to satisfy customer requirements by meeting their expectations with high quality products. We are known for a wide range of steamed, roasted, fried and seasoned poultry products, all available in different cuts. Our ability to innovate has led us to develop, produce and sell a large variety of breaded convenience products. We are convinced that this new adventure into breaded products will be a success.”

Top producer selects top technology

Europa Cuisson sees the RevoPortioner as the core technology to realize success. For their new line of breaded chicken products, they wanted the latest, cutting-edge technology: “We are a leading European producer in our sector and to stay in that position, we want to cooperate with providers that offer top technology”, says Juan Mate. “This is what the RevoPortioner provides. All products have the same size and weight. There is no waste, no smearing, and the quality of the raw material, like whole muscle breast fillet, is not compromised. The fibers and the structure are like they should be. The end result is a perfectly portioned, attractive product with a good bite and great taste.”

Natural looking tenderloins

Besides offering famous classics like nuggets and burgers, available in various sizes and different coatings, Europa Cuisson is also looking for new innovative concepts. The tenderloin is one of them. Mr. Mate continues: “We have several portioning drums for the RevoPortioner. To changeover to another drum is quick and easy. The Tenderloin drum is great. The products that it produces look very natural. And the structure as well; the bite is very similar to a real tenderloin. It’s the perfect addition to our product offering.”

For the development of our products we cooperated with the food technologists from the demo center. The knowledge and experience the team holds has been very valuable. Their support is great.

Juan Mate

The importance of a good relation

On top of delivering high-quality end products, Europa Cuisson also strives to have good, long-term partnerships with its suppliers. Juan Mate: “To me the relationship Europa Cuisson has with Marel is important. Every company wants to sell, but for Marel selling is not enough. They offer much more: they are flexible, their service is good, but above all they are a good sparring partner. For the development of our products we cooperated with the food technologists from the demo center. The knowledge and experience the team holds has been very valuable. Their support is great.”

Future plans

All Europa Cuisson activities are centralized on a 7-hectare site in Marquain (Belgium). This competitive production site, certified BRC and Halal, is equipped with first-rate technologies allowing Europa Cuisson to further strengthen its foothold on international markets. Mr. Mate says: “We certainly have the ambition and space to grow even more.”

More information on the RevoPortioner

The RevoPortioner produces perfectly portioned products at low pressure, holding retention of the texture and structure of the raw material. The unique smooth rotating portioning drum can create products of practically any shape. Using the RevoPortioner, you can process a wide variety of raw, materials, from beef to (whole muscle) poultry, fish, meat replacers, mixes and even potato.

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