Rivelli – automation and modernization of processes

Rivelli Evisceration Department

Brazilian family business moves from completely manual processing to full automation.

A bold project, conducted in partnership with Marel, allowed Rivelli, a long-standing Brazilian family business, to move from completely manual processing to full automation. Rivelli modernized its plant in two phases.

Rivelli is an example of how automation of poultry processes in small and medium-sized companies can make a huge difference. The company acquired complete evisceration, grading, cutting and filleting lines, which really expanded its business. “Once, as we confidently expect, we get the second cut-up line, we will be able to increase daily production capacity to 200,000 birds,” says Carlos Rivelli, partner-director of the group.

The best project

From pilot plan to the final project and signing of the contract, Rivelli was supported by the advice and know-how of Marel. “What really convinced us to choose Marel as our supplier was the participation of the commercial team and the availability of the engineering team to develop the best project to meet the needs of our company,” says Carlos.

Concerns disappeared 

Installation of the equipment took place in two stages, in line with progress on the modernization of the building. The first stage was completed in early 2017, marked by the installation of an evisceration line which consisted of the automatic transfer system from defeathering to evisceration TR-DE NT, Vent Cutter VC-16, Opening Machine VO-20 RS, Nuova 24 eviscerator with automated giblet harvesting and a veterinary inspection area.

Carlos Rivelli adds, “Having the evisceration line in full operation, its incomparable performance astonished us and our concerns about bird size and parent stock processing simply disappeared like magic.”

Expected return

June 2017 saw the completion of the second stage of the project. This involved the installation of the SmartWeigher grader, an ACM-NT cut-up line and two AMF breast cap deboning lines, together with the integration of an Innova PDS software system. “We are very confident about our investments. We increased our production without needing to hire additional labor. Results and returns are even better than we expected,” explains Márcio Rivelli, partner-director.

Training and consulting 

Marel’s team of field technicians also played an important role in the project. “We are very proud of the Rivelli maintenance team. They are extremely dedicated team members and committed to their roles. However, the results we achieved were only possible thanks to the training and consulting offered by the Marel service team”, comments Carlos Rivelli.

Carlos E Mauricio Rivelli

Carlos and Márcio Rivelli, partner directors of Rivelli, a long-standing Brazilian family business.

About Rivelli

Rivelli began its activities in the 70’s, when it owned a small chicken farm. In 1985, increasing demand encouraged the brothers Carlos and Márcio Rivelli to found Nogueira Rivelli Irmãos Ltda, based in Barbacena, Minas Gerais. The first large-scale chicken farms, built in 1986 in nearby Ressaquinha, prompted Rivelli’s first expansion, which really allowed the company to develop.

Today, the headquarters in Barbacena consists of the processing plant, administrative building, quality control, dispatch, water treatment plant, recycling sector, flour and oil factory, restaurant, industrial kitchen and laundry.

Processing 110,000 birds per day, 70% of production is destined for the domestic market, serving more than 3,500 points of sale in Brazil. Rivelli also distributes products to more than 40 countries across the five continents in the world.

In Brazil, the main markets are those of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro: “We are strategically located for serving those states, which are responsible for 80% of sales in the domestic market,” says Carlos.

Among the products marketed under the Rivelli brand, the most sought after are the traditional breast and thigh cuts. Carlos is, however, noticing a growing demand for convenience products, marinated and further processed, as well as for Avefest, a seasonal product marketed during November and December.

Currently Rivelli employs more than 2,300 people and operates within a vertical integration where broilers are raised in partnership with local farmers. The group also has a feed factory, a hatchery, a parent stock headquarters, and is involved in other agribusiness activities as well.


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