Shandong Boda and Shandong Dehui both choose Marel lines

Chinese poultry industry on the road to recovery

Nuova Viscera

With the coronavirus situation in China gradually improving, the catering sector is beginning to recover. Chinese processors Shandong Boda Food Co and Shandong Dehui Food Co have a long-term strategic vision for taking full advantage of the opportunities newly created. Both companies reached agreement with Marel to expand their processing capacities to 2 x 13,500bph [225 bpm].

China's gradual recovery has been followed by a sharp increase in orders for processed meat products. Consumption patterns will gradually change from traditional to fast and convenient, from prioritizing quantity to prioritizing quality and healthy eating. The proportion of poultry consumed will therefore further increase.


Shandong Boda and Shandong Dehui are two well-known companies with well-thought out plans for in-depth cooperation with Marel. They are both deeply committed to professionalizing their business and aim to substantially increase their production capacity.

Today, both projects are progressing efficiently. The production line at Shandong Dehui has been installed and was running smoothly for the Spring Festival of 2021. The production line at Shandong Boda will be installed soon.

Shandong Boda and Shandong Dehui have put their full trust in Marel as the sole supplier of their processing plants. In its turn, Marel has invested in a professional Chinese service operation to effectively help customers improve their processes and increase their production capacity.

Shandong Dehui

Nuova’s evisceration performance

In both plants, the primary process, which features Marel automated evisceration and viscera handling lines, will run at a capacity of 13,500 bph [225 bpm]. The Nuova automatic evisceration system is tried and tested technology, used in the poultry industry for many years now and boasts an impressive installed base worldwide. It is well-known as being a unique, clean automated process which performs supremely efficiently. Top production capacity for lines equipped with automatic giblet harvesting is 15,000 broilers per hour [250 bpm], helping customers achieve maximum added value.

Gradual improvement

2021 is proving to be a year of gradual improvement for the meat processing market in China. With its years of experience in cutting-edge technology backed up by reliable service, Marel is a highly valued partner in the Chinese market. Marel is able to help every customer reduce costs, increase efficiency, seize opportunities and create new developments.

About Shandong Boda

Shandong Boda Food Co., Ltd. is a poultry company founded in 2002. Its business covers feed processing and sales, broiler hatching, breeding, processing and sales. The company has several factories in Shandong. With the installation of Marel evisceration and automated giblet harvesting lines, the capacity of its single processing plant increased from 140,000 birds per day to 250,000 birds per day.

About Shandong Dehui

Shandong Dehui Food Co., Ltd. was formerly the state-owned enterprise China Resources Wufeng Meat Food Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2008. It is located in Rizhao City, Shandong Province, known as the "Hometown of Roses". In 2018, the company was transformed into a comprehensive enterprise integrating broiler breeding, slaughtering, processing, storage and sales. The company has an annual production capacity of 75,000 tons of processed broilers and produces 10,000 tons of cooked food. With the installation of Marel's automated production line, daily production capacity will increase to 135,000 broilers.

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