The drum you can’t beat

Claus Hubbermann, plant manager at Oldenburg-based Danish Crown Oldenburg Convenience, can explain exactly why he has been using Marel’s ValueDrum.

“It is just perfect for making great tasting and great-looking gyros or other fresh precut meat strips for the convenience market. And, make no mistake, these qualities are not to be taken for granted at all”, Hubbermann adds ominously.

Danish Crown Oldenburg Valuedrum Casestudy 2

Intact meat

“One major advantage of the ValueDrum over other tumbler systems is its ability to produce intact, undamaged meat”, says Hubbermann. “Traditional meat tumblers tend to be a little rough handling the meat, which leads to hidden tissue damage as well as visibly damaged strips of gyros meat. This affects the taste, and it also looks unattractive to the modern-day, demanding end consumer.”

Thus sales may be affected negatively, Hubbermann warns. “Not so with the ValueDrum, which keeps the meat in a pristine state, thus truly adding market value”, says Hubbermann. “As a supplier to a large supermarket chain, we have to produce large amounts of meat, often at short notice, without compromising on quality and appearance. The ValueDrum helps us do so, to great satisfaction of everyone involved.”

Danish Crown

Loose, well-seasoned meat

“Another important quality of the ValueDrum is that it produces meat that is nice and loose”, says Hubbermann. The turning motion of the drum ensures optimal separation of the individual meat strips, which ultimately looks better in the supermarket and tastes better, especially in case of seasoned meat varieties such as gyros or other fresh precut meat strips, according to Hubbermann.

“Loose meat looks so much better when packed and has a superior feel to it during handling and preparation. Also, most people prefer the taste of loose meat strips over sticky meat, mainly because the seasoning is spread more evenly and more universally across the meat” Hubbermann explains.

“We find that the ValueDrum is just excellent at producing loose, evenly seasoned meat in great quantities. The added value of this in a highly competitive market where cosmetics count every day is not to be underestimated”, Hubbermann assures us.


Superior consistency

Finally, Hubbermann commends the ValueDrum for its recipe consistency: “The ValueDrum’s automatic dosage system makes it very easy to set a highly exact dosage for any meat product. This provides us, our customers and the end customer with something very important: recipe consistency”, Hubbermann claims. "Consumers are increasingly looking for ready-to-eat, finger food like products. Once they find a product they like, they want it to taste the same the next time they buy it. Thus, you can say that the ValueDrum’s dosage system enables us to achieve a much-sought after gourmet goal, consistency, in a superior way. In the end, this means reliable food and returning customers all the way down our supply chain!"

Danish Crown Oldenburg Valuedrum Casestudy 3

Everything just works

Hubbermann’s eyes light up yet again describing his long-standing relationship with Marel: “Together with the 2.5 - 3% yield increase realized by the OptiCut (a volumetric portioning machine) and the impressive flexibility and savings of the ValueSpray (a system for in-line wet marinating), two other Marel systems we currently use, we are very satisfied with the performance of our seasoned-meat line-up. So, my opinion of Marel, in short: everything just works. The machines work, service is good, performance claims are met and promises are kept”.

Company profile

Oldenburg Convenience GmbH in its current form was founded in 2008 as a processor of convenience meat products. Since its merger with Danish Crown Fleisch GmbH in 2013, the company produces portions and packages around 250 tons of pork and beef per week, including fillets, marinated meat varieties, bratwurst, cutlets and seasoned products. The company currently has 121 employees, mainly from the Oldenburg area. Its customers include European Trade Discounters.

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