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Plant manager Claus Hubberman smiles when asked about the reasons for installing a ValueSpray unit at Oldenburg Convenience. “It’s the savings”, he says, “along with the flexibility the system allows. And both are substantial!”

Operating in the highly competitive and fast-changing convenience meat market, efficiency is high on the agenda for Hubbermann, who has been using Marel equipment since 2005. In 2010 the ValueSpray was added to the line-up in the seasons' department of Oldenburg Convenience, where it has since been operating to full satisfaction.

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“As a supplier to a large supermarket chain, we have to produce large amounts of pork to different specs at relatively short notice. Especially in the summer season, the morning’s weather forecast determines the day’s product varieties as well as volumes. This means that short-term flexibility and just-in-time production are the key to success in our business,” explains Hubberman.

“The ValueSpray is very easy to clean and set up for the next production run”, says Hubberman. “I can have the whole thing up and running again in just 5 minutes!”


Trend Responsiveness

Flexibility has become even more important recently, as consumer trends point towards a preference for more meat variation in smaller portions, meaning more equipment changeovers, according to Hubbermann.

“People like finger food these days: new, smaller and different-tasting products that are ready to eat. Torch-shaped, twisted meat sticks, for example, are the latest trend. The versatility of the ValueSpray helps us cater to this need for variety quickly. In conjunction with the other Marel systems we are currently using, we are able to create production lines which are highly responsive to end customers’ ever-changing preferences”, Hubbermann recounts.


Substantial Savings

Another major advantage of the ValueSpray over traditional dipper systems is its ability to generate substantial savings. It sprays marinade directly onto the meat product, allowing for a much smaller marinade reservoir than in dipper systems.

If we change marinades between production runs in a dipper system, a lot of marinade is simply lost. With the ValueSpray our overall marinade use has reduced by as much as thirty percent.

Claus Hubbermann
Plant Manager

Everything just works

“Together with the 2.5 - 3 percent yield increase realized by the OptiCut (a volumetric portioning machine) and the solid reliability and precision of the ValueDrum (system for in-line production of coated or marinated fresh products), to name two other Marel systems we currently use, we are very satisfied with the performance of our line-up,” Hubberman concludes.


Danish Crown

Danish Crown Oldenburg Convenience GmbH in its current form was founded in 2008 as a processor of convenience meat products. Since its merger with Danish Crown Fleisch GmbH in 2013, the company has produced and packaged around 250 tons of pork and beef portions per week, including fillets, marinated meat varieties, bratwursts, cutlets and seasoned products.

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