, Düsseldorf, Germany

EuroShop 2023

Transforming retail for a sustainable cutting future

We understand that to be successful in today’s industry, retail providers need to be adaptable and efficient to effectively meet rapidly changing consumer demand.

From advanced equipment for portioning and dicing, to bread slicing and ice machines that make the most out of your retail space, the team from Marel, MAJA and TREIF are excited to present how our combined portfolios and expertise will help set your business apart from the competition.

Connect with our experts at EuroShop 2023 to discuss your company’s specific needs and provide guidance and support for a more sustainable future.

At Euroshop 2023 we look forward to demostrating how we are uniting the strength of 3 leading brands, combining innovation and shared knowledge across Marel, TREIF and MAJA to become the most advanced cutting partners.

Marel on the interactive floor plan

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