, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tecnocarne 2022

Transforming food processing through connectivity

Food processors in today’s industry must be adaptable, efficient, and have intelligent systems in place to meet customer demand.

Your challenges in meat processing drive us to develop automation and digitized solutions that improve your raw material utilization, flexibility and sustainability while decreasing labor dependence.

Innovations in intelligent software for the poultry industry use a data-driven approach to give processors real-time control, resulting in increased yield and performance.

At Tecnocarne 2022 we are showcasing Marel's advanced solutions for the poultry, meat and retail and foodservice industries. From single-skill machines to connected solutions, Marel covers the full spectrum of food processing needs no matter the size of your operations.

Connect with us at Tecnocarne 2022, where our experts will be available to discuss your needs and work with you to ensure your business accelerates into the future.

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Connect with us at Tecnocarne to see how we are transforming food processing through automation and digitalization. On display you’ll find innovative equipment that communicates and interacts to optimize your food production. See how the combined experience, knowledge and portfolio of Marel, Sulmaq, MAJA and TREIF can benefit your business