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VIV Asia 2023

Connect for success

At VIV Asia 2023, Marel will present innovations in primary, secondary and further processing that are all ready to connect for success.

Marel's central theme at VIV Asia will be 'solving labor scarcity through automation and digitization'. As in all parts of the world, poultry companies in South-East Asia have a hard time finding qualified workers. In partnership with customers, Marel has developed innovative processing solutions that automate manual operations as much as possible, while adding maximum value.  

Live cutting demos

Each day of the exhibition, Marel will conduct several live cutting demonstrations, hosted by Hans Voorbij and Maria Costa. They will show the manual operations that have successfully been automated by intelligent and connected Marel solutions, such as the ACM-NT cut-up system, Marel's breast meat deboning solutions and the Thigh Fillet System. All of these automated processes are equalling or even exceeding the results of experienced manual workers, with much higher capacities.  

Duck processing and wastewater treatment are two focus areas for Marel during VIV Asia.
As the waterfowl specialist, Marel PMJ knows exactly how to process ducks industrially, featuring dedicated systems and solutions from live bird handling to packing.
Marel Water Treatment offers systems capable of purifying water to any desired degree of purification, customized to the individual situation. 
Red meat processing will also be addressed at Marel's booth during VIV Asia.
Wenger, part of Marel, is also present at VIV Asia, at their own booth #3237. 

At VIV Asia 2023, Marel will reveal several groundbreaking premieres in the areas of evisceration, portioning, convenience food production and software.


Marel's Nuova-i intelligent eviscerator will have its Asian launch, presented by Astrid Verhoijsen. Optimum performance, highest hygiene and uniform, compact viscera packs are the results of the technological innovations in Marel’s Nuova-i. The eviscerator is easy to operate and control, and self-adjusts all settings according to the recipe entered via the HMI display. 


The unveiling of Marel's new kakugiri cubing solution will be a world's first. This ground-breaking system meets all the typical Japanese requirements that go with the art of kakugiri cutting. Size, shape, weight and skin coverage of the leg meat cubes can be meticulously adjusted. The 2-phase cutting is performed without any human intervention needed, thus considerably saving labor. 

Smart software

Digitalized solutions will play a significant role in combatting labor scarcity. Poultry processing systems that communicate through smart software and connect to each other can take over human operations and bring important productivity benefits. Marel’s expertise in connectivity delivers data-driven decision-making, real-time insight into system performance, end-to-end traceability and optimum production efficiency.

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Cutting Demo VIV Asia 2400
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Visit our booth #1350 where experts from Marel’s poultry and red meat industries will be on hand to answer your questions. They will introduce to you some of our most intelligent and efficient equipment and provide you with detailed advice and comprehensive support.

Impact Building

The new venue for VIV Asia: Impact building, Muang Thong Thani, Pak Kret, Bangkok, Thailand

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