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We increasingly rely on smart technologies to make our daily lives easier and save us time and money. Smartwatches not only tell us the time, but they also track our fitness. Smart cars get us from A to B while helping avoid rush hour traffic. Discover how Marel’s new software applies the same levels of insight and control to convenience food processing, helping processors create quality convenience products more efficiently and profitably.

The key to optimizing production and profitability

Marel’s Convenience Line Software collects and analyzes data from a processing line to give full insight into production. It lets processors take complete control to realize the full potential of their line and optimize profitability. The advantages it brings to modern convenience food production are significant.

  • Maximum product consistency
    The software ensures a consistent and controlled production process is maintained. If there are any deviations from specifications, data is available to pinpoint and resolve the issues.

  • Optimal line efficiency and equipment uptime
    Dashboards give real-time status of equipment availability and performance so problems to be quickly identified and resolved. Historical reports identify areas for focus and to optimize overall equipment effectiveness.

  • Reduced operator dependency
    Operators are guided through set up with precise instructions on machines, settings and ingredients, ensuring every detail is right - every time.

  • Reliable paperless QC process
    The software fully digitizes the quality control process. It ensures data is collected accurately, stored reliably and easily accessible for evaluations, audits and recalls.

  • Efficient order fulfillment
    Thanks to a complete overview of production and order status, production schedules can be easily monitored and modified to ensure targets are met correctly and on time.


This is a powerful tool that impacts the work of all employees and the advantages it has for each are significant and wide ranging.

Laura Boon

Software Development Specialist, Marel

Modular and easy to implement

Convenience Line Software is a modular solution that integrates effortlessly with Marel processing equipment and even equipment from other suppliers. It gives the flexibility to start with a base of essential features and expand the package according to specific business needs and goals as a company grows.

A secure investment

Thanks to the control Convenience Line Software gives, product recalls and costly customer claims for off-spec products can be significantly reduced. For more than 15 years now, Marel has been committed to delivering software solutions that help companies worldwide transform their processing. And, as a committed IT partner, we are dedicated to assisting and supporting food processors throughout the lifetime of their systems.


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