FilleXia premiered at IFC 2021 in Brazil

Marel returned to the 3rd International Fish Congress & Fish Expo Brazil to meet with customers and introduce the latest tilapia filleting technology

Fillexia Launch

Marel returned to the 3rd International Fish Congress & Fish Expo Brazil from November 24th to 26th to reconnect face to face with local customers and introduce the new FilleXia tilapia filleting machine.

The FilleXia features technology that has been long-awaited by the market and was one of the highlights of the IFC, with many processors visiting the Marel booth to see the newly introduced machine. Three units have since been sold in addition to equipment such as the TargetBatcher during the exhibition.

FilleXia‘s automated filleting meets the current needs of food processors, especially in Brazil, which ranks as the fourth-largest tilapia producer in the world. It features refined components, a compact layout, and processes up to 40 fish per minute. Fish processors can expect a consistent and accurate production with low cost and maximum yield with reduced handling.

Marel Fillexia Launch

Optimism for the future

The Latin American Marel team is optimistic about returning to exhibitions. "All of our goals were achieved, proving that this event, which brings together technology, knowledge, networking and business, was the ideal choice for the launch of FilleXia," says the regional director of Sales at Marel for the fish industry, Iago Torres. “We also had the opportunity to personally meet our customers, which we consider extremely important to effectively serve this market with excellence,” he adds. 

Digitalization in the fish industry

Marel Fish Global Executive Vice President, Guðbjörg Heiða Guðmundsdóttir, Iceland, and Deputy Secretary of Aquaculture and Fisheries, Jairo Gund, spoke about “Industry 4.0 and the Fish Chain – reality, trends and challenges”. 

Presentation Of Fillexia Launch

About IFC 2021

Since 2019, the International Fish Congress has grown after the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 80 exhibiting companies participated with a qualified audience, representing the entire fish chain. With more than 1,560 subscribers, the congress featured relevant panels and lectures.

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