One thousand SensorX systems sold worldwide

Marel Moy Park

Marel recently delivered the 1,000th SensorX bone detection system to Moy Park, one of the UK’s top 15 food companies, Northern Ireland’s largest private sector business and one of Europe’s leading poultry producers.

Pálmi Freyr Bárðarson, Global Product Manager for X-ray Solutions at Marel said, “Moy Park has been a loyal partner to Marel for many years and together we’ve worked on numerous projects, so it gives me great pleasure to share this important milestone with them.”

Setting the standard in bone detection

Since Marel introduced the groundbreaking SensorX technology to the market, it has been sold in 41 countries around the world. The initial SensorX system was developed for fish in 2003 while the first prototype for poultry was released 2006 and has since set the global standard for bone detection in meat, fish and poultry processing.

Continual development and innovation

The SensorX is being continually developed, something that customers see through regular software updates to improve the system’s overall performance. Marel is also constantly working on new and innovative opportunities for X-ray technology. Most recently, introducing the SensorX Magna to the meat industry and revolutionizing the way mixing and grinding is performed.

Advancing food processing

Selling one thousand SensorX systems globally is a significant step towards Marel’s vision of a world where quality food is produced sustainably and affordably. By automating contaminant detection, processors are able to achieve high standards in quality and at the same time minimize product waste.

Moy Park continue to work closely with Marel focusing on projects which ensure our products are industry leading in terms of quality.

Gary Leslie, Director of Complexes
Moy Park

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