Salmon slicing expertise


The range and technology of Marel salmon slicing equipment is second to none, and is designed to match all requirements, high or low capacity, ranging from standard single units to large-scale production systems.

Marel CP and GEBA slicers have been operating successfully throughout the world for nearly three decades.

During this time, our slicers have undergone constant development to meet our customers’ increasing demands for better quality, yield, and capacity, and we have moved from basic electric and pneumatic machines to advanced models with servo drives, computers, touchscreens, weighing units, and vision systems.

The key features and benefits of our slicing range, as outlined in our latest
salmon slicing brochure, include:

  • High capacity
  • High yield – with yield monitoring software
  • Wide cutting range interval
  • Flexibility – with many product options
  • Quality end products – with superb presentation
  • Easy to operate & easy to clean
  • Foreign language support

All Marel slicing equipment meets modern salmon processing facility requirements in terms of reliability, safety, ergonomics, maintenance, hygiene, and cleaning. Furthermore, our salmon slicers can slice other fish such as trout, halibut, and tuna, that share a similar structure.

Let Us Put Our Expertise to Work for You

Marel slicing equipment is designed to give you the best results, but we also recognize that slicing quality, yield, and efficiency can be greatly affected by other processes such as filleting and skinning, as well as storage and refrigeration.

Our salmon slicing experts are happy to sit down and discuss your specific needs; to find the most suitable slicer for your purposes, and to ensure you will get the most out of your equipment.

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