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Sales are increasing worldwide in the ever more popular sushi sector. The need for salmon slices cut for sushi is high as salmon is one of the most favored ingredients in sushi.

Marel’s I-slice 135 MA salmon slicer is the ideal solution for this segment. It is capable of making short salmon slices cut at a high angle and with a unique accuracy on slice length and thickness or weight.

Time-saving production of fixed length and thickness slices

To cut salmon for sushi by hand can only be done by skilled people and is quite time-consuming. The I-slice 135 MA slicer is fast, accurate and delivers uniform, quality end products ideal for sushi. It can be programmed to make slices of a certain length and thickness down to 2 mm, or slices of a certain weight.

The slicer can cut up to 125 slices per minute equal to cutting a whole salmon fillet or loin piece in less than 50 seconds. The slicer will know how to cut each fillet/loin to get the most usable slices and reduce the waste to a minimum.

Multiple types of salmon end products

The weight and the volume of the fillets/loin pieces are measured by a built-in scale and a camera with the latest vision technology at the infeed of the machine.

With this data, each fillet/loin gets a cutting profile to meet the specifications of the final product. With a cutting angle interval between 8°-66° or 10-68°, the I-slice 135 MA ensures maximum flexibility for making multiple kinds of end products.

I Slicer 135


  • Slicing with fixed slice length and thickness
  • Slicing with fixed weight slices
  • High accuracy and high capacity
  • Optimum utilization of raw material

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