The future of mixing and grinding

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Introducing the new SensorX Magna - Marel’s newest high-capacity, inline trim inspection system designed to keep trim bone free and chemical lean (CL) ratio precisely on target.

Processors who perform high-volume mixing and grinding, face an extremely competitive marketplace. It is essential that processors secure contracts by offering end-products that are the highest quality and meet the most stringent levels of food safety. At the same time, they need to protect their margins by seeking opportunities to save on material costs and streamline their processes.

Key features and benefits of the new SensorX Magna 

  • Higher quality, more consistent end products
  • Precision CL ratio measuring and superior contaminant detection
  • Advanced reject mechanism, minimal waste
  • Processes both fresh and frozen, beef and pork, trim and muscles
  • Compact turnkey solution

Changing the way mixing and grinding is performed

The SensorX Magna enables processors to make vast improvements to their mixing and grinding operations, improve their efficiency for both product quality and food safety while maximizing the value of raw materials with the new features in SensorX Magna.

Precise and effective cl measurement

What sets the SensorX Magna apart is its superior X-ray technology. All raw materials are scanned for density variations and measured for a precise CL ratio. This gives processors maximum control over product quality and consistency.

The SensorX Magna is positioned directly before the mixing and grinding process where it delivers the most impact of monitoring and controlling the CL ratio as the raw material enters the system.

Superior contaminant detection

The SensorX Magna will identify, and reject, hazardous materials such as bone, metal or glass when they are detected. Frequently, the solution for dealing with contaminants has been to grind the raw material more finely in conjunction with mechanical bone eliminators on the final grinders in an attempt to minimize the risk of bone contaminants. This influences the structure and texture of the raw material and the final product. 

The detection and rejection of any hard contaminant before mixing and grinding allows the SensorX Magna to eliminate costly claims and product recalls while ensuring a brand’s reputation and providing a superior end product. 

State-of-the-art reject and rework

Unrivaled in the industry, the SensorX Magna has a state-of-the-art reject and re-work process that ensures the volume of meat rejected is minimized to approximately 300 grams for bones, and 1500 grams for hard contaminants.

Real-time monitoring

Innova Food Processing Software monitors the SensorX Magna operations in real-time and collects historical data on CL ratio and the rate of hard contaminants. By doing this, it is possible to benchmark suppliers and make data-driven purchasing decisions. Innova provides live dashboard views that allow actual performance to be monitored. By monitoring KPIs such as throughput and contaminant rate, opportunities can be immediately identified to streamline processes and enhance operational performance.

SensorX Meat solutions

Marel’s SensorX solutions for trim handling are all based on extensive knowledge of X-ray technology, the most efficient way to measure CL accurately.

They range from the simplest solution - the SensorX Omnia through the fully automatic SensorX Electus up to the advanced SensorX Accuro

The solutions all analyze red meat trim for fat/lean ratio and give you the ability to manage your trim, achieve your target fat percentage and get optimal value for the raw material.

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