The secret to creating the perfect schnitzel

Marel’s unique technology gives far superior results than any other comparable equipment can

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It takes just three simple steps—cutting, flattening and coating— to create a Wiener schnitzel. However, competition is fierce amongst producers of this classic dish, so to create a superior schnitzel, it’s vital to use the most innovative technology possible at each processing stage. Discover how Marel’s unique portioning, flattening and crumbing solutions give unrivaled results to create a schnitzel that is in a class of its own.

V-Cut 160 volumetric portion cutter pork loin

Start with the perfect portion

Creating the perfect schnitzel all starts with creating the perfect portion of meat. Getting the distinctive shape and thickness is key, and preserving meat quality while doing this is vital.

Marel‘s V-cut 160 is the ideal entry-level portion cutting solution for small to midsize meat processors looking to get into fresh meat portioning. It works with the volumetric portioning principle which allows to produce portions with uniform shape and weight, exactly what is needed for foodservice suppliers, but also for retail suppliers of ready-to-cook meat portions.

It also offers the possibility to produce portions with butterfly cut, if XXL portions have to be produced or filled portions in cordon bleu style.

Platino meat flattener

Massage – don’t squeeze!

Schnitzel enthusiasts agree: A good schnitzel, Viennese, Figlmüller or Milanese style must not only be accurately sliced but also flattened and tenderized. The flattening process should slightly stretch the meat fiber but not destroy it so that a juicy, tender result with a uniform thickness is achieved. What’s critical is to ensure the process is a gentle as possible, which is particularly challenging during high-volume production.

The patented technology of Marel’s Platino Flattener uses significantly less pressure than other systems to flatten portions of meat. Using an innovative massaging effect, it stretches muscle fibers rather than ripping and tearing. This preserves fiber structure, resulting in unrivaled quality of bite, texture and taste. This unique method retains moisture to give a more tender end product with minimal bounce back and a more uniform presentation of the dish.

Marel's food processing convenience line creates highest quality schnitzels

Coat evenly—top and bottom

A crisp and even coating is not only key for bite and crunch but also overall appearance. Achieving the perfect coating starts with laying a flawless foundation of wet coating. It ensures the dry crumb will adhere to give a better quality, higher-value product.

Marel’s Active Batter Applicator has a unique way of transporting the schnitzels through the machine to ensure the underside is completely coated with belt marks virtually eliminated and gaps and voids minimized. The final step in the coating process is to apply crumb. Ensuring the crumb is spread evenly on the top and bottom of the schnitzel is very important. Marel’s RevoCrumb works with an innovative crumb management system to control the distribution of crumb on the schnitzel and guarantee optimum coverage.

Watch a demo

V Cut 160 Platino

See the V-Cut 160 and Platino Flattener in action.

Talk to the experts

Many factors combine to create the perfect schnitzel. But the secret is in the technology behind the processing. Marel offers an integrated, full-line solution that makes the most efficient use of raw material and delivers consistent, high-quality products. Make an appointment with a Marel specialist today to find out how we can help you get ahead of the competition with a superior schnitzel.


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