The ultimate weapon in the fight against bone

SensorX Magna: a revolutionary system, setting the industry standard in contaminant detection.

Marels Sensorx Magna Eliminating Bone

Ensuring the supply of safe, high-quality products to end consumers is a challenge faced by everyone in the food supply chain. Food contamination, specifically bone and metal, is a battle fought on a daily basis. Anyone handling food has a responsibility to ensure that what they prepare meets the highest safety standards.

Unrivaled bone detection

Marel’s SensorX Magna is a unique inspection system that detects and eliminates hard contaminants such as bone, glass and metal, at the very start of the production process. The system uses industry-leading X-ray technology to monitor and control the incoming meat supply and ensure it is contaminant-free before it is formed into the end product.


Marel’s SensorX Magna ensures meat is bone free before it forms burger patties

Protecting brands and consumers

Many of the world’s largest fast-food chains rely on SensorX to guarantee bone-free products. The system gives peace of mind that both their brand name and consumers are protected. SensorX Magna gives everyone in the meat value chain, including retailers and QSRs, complete confidence that bone, metal and glass will be removed before products are created. Ultimately, this means that consumers will always get safe, high-quality products.

SensorX Magna delivers bone-free products with unrivaled accuracy. On average, the system finds between 30 and 70 bones in 2,000 lbs of meat.

Palmi Freyr Bardarson
Global Product Manager X-ray solutions, Marel

On-spec products every time

Not only does SensorX Magna ensure bone-free products, it also measures fat to lean ratio with the highest levels of accuracy. This ensures that extremely consistent products can be created, which means a consumer will get the same experience, time and time again.

Marel's SensorX Magna used by many of the leading global fast-food chains.

A proven solution, optimizing food safety

Not only is SensorX used by many of the leading global fast-food chains, there are also more than 1,000 systems installed across the fish, meat and poultry industries, in more than 40 countries around the world.

Marel SensorX trim handling

Discover more about our solutions

Our SensorX trim handling solutions are all based on extensive knowledge of X-ray technology, the most efficient way to detect bone fragments and measure CL accurately.

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