TREIF Robotic line

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This notification states the End of Sale (EOS) for the following: TREIF Robotic line

Last buy-in has to be done no later than: no last order.

The decision to remove the product from sale is the overlap with the MAREL RoboBatcher in the portfolio.

A partial or full substitute for this machine would be:

  • RoboBatcher
  • Machine code GR 7512/GR7513/GR7515/GR7516

Please contact your local service representative for further information on the replacement products as well as information about how Marel can assist and guide you through the EOS process with minimal inconvenience.

This notice serves as a formal communication of Marel’s decision to end the life of the product noted.
Content herein is not intended to supersede existing contractual commitments of Marel.

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