How processors are getting into automated fresh meat portioning

The V-Cut 160 is the ideal entry-level portion cutting solution for small to midsize meat processors looking to get into fresh meat portioning.

V-Cut_160 portion outfeed

The right portioning solution can produce uniform fixed-weight portions far more profitably and with a significantly improved yield.

Every cut counts

For nearly a quarter of a century, pre-portioned fresh meat convenience products have made their way into supermarkets. The industry relies on high-performance portion cutters with well over a thousand cuts per minute to meet the growing global demand for pre-portioned fresh meat. Even artisan-oriented businesses and butcheries that supply several branches or customers in the GM sector can have a high portioning volume that can be automated with a portion cutter. With the right portioning solution, fixed-weight cutlets, steaks, butterfly cuts or even cubes are produced far more profitably and with a significantly improved yield. The hygiene aspect also speaks in favor of automation, as machine-cut portions can be produced virtually contact-free.

With the V-Cut 160, Marel offers smaller companies a suitable entry-level solution that scores points for high product flexibility, low space requirements, manageable acquisition and operating costs. This means that production processes can be optimized and the product portfolio expanded in a very short time with minimal effort. Especially when labor is expensive or hard to find, the V-Cut 160 can provide valuable services.

V-Cut 160 Marel portion cutter for fresh meat

Versatile use

As the smallest volumetric portion cutter in the Marel portfolio, the V-Cut 160 is suitable for a wide range of portioning tasks.

It cuts boneless raw material into slices that can be discharged as single portions or as fanned groups, prepared for direct insertion into trays. Butterfly cut portions are also possible with a unique cutting set, allowing for example the production of XXL schnitzels, stuffed meat pockets, or cordon bleu style. In addition, the V-Cut 160 can produce uniform-looking cubes and strips, so that it can cover almost the entire spectrum of fresh meat portions.

The V-Cut 160 operates purely pneumatically, cutting up to 65 portions per minute with a standard deviation of only about 3 to 5 grams per portion. Users appreciate the simple operation, outstanding multifunctionality and the capacity tochange portioning requirements within a very short time frame. The V-Cut 160 also easily handles seasonal surplus quantities, for example, during the barbecue season or in event catering.

Platino meat flattener

V-Cut 160 meets Platino

The schnitzel dream team

For companies that produce large quantities of schnitzel, a combination of the V-Cut 160 PortionCutter and the Platino meat flattener is the ideal solution.

The Platino is a Marel solution for flattening and tenderizing meat portions that has proven itself on the market for years. It offers not only an extremely robust design but also an exceptionally gentle, patented flattening process using twisted kneading drums that do not press or squeeze the meat but gently massage it into shape.

The meat fiber is protected, resulting in an end product that holds its new shape better after the flattening process and during cooking, and hardly juices. Gentle flattening gives each portion the same thickness and thus a uniform cooking behavior. Flattened products that are marinated, injected or tumbled in the subsequent process can absorb the marinade or brine much better.


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