The V-Cut 240 is the first choice for flexible fresh meat portioning in Latin America

Marel's fixed-weight portion cutting solution guarantees standardized and waste-free meat portions

V Cut 240 pork loin

Serving, with excellence, an increasingly demanding consumer is one of the main challenges faced by food processors. And the demand is even stricter when it comes to portioned meat, as shape, thickness and weight must be strictly uniform. Marel is perfectly aware of these challenges of customers in Latin America and can support food processors with state-of-the-art solutions, which guarantee not only the standardization of portions, but also the optimal use of raw materials with minimum give-away. The V-Cut 240 volumetric portion cutter is one of the most demanded fresh meat portioning solutions in Latin America. Over the past three years, we have installed various equipment in some of the leading meat processing companies in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. And there a good reasons why many of our customers are enthusiastic about the volumetric portioning method.

Designed to cut fresh meat, the V-Cut 240 is the most flexible portion cutting solution to serve both retailers and food service providers.

Sebastian Moraga

Sebastián Moraga, Marel LatAm
Regional Product Specialist Sales

Fixed-weight portions V-Cut

The V-Cut 240 handles almost any type of fresh meat portion

In addition to producing portions with precise weight, uniform thickness and shape, the method of volumetric portion cutting offers the flexibility to create multiple cutting shapes, allowing steaks and schnitzels, minute steaks, roasted portions of up to 70mm, thin portions of 2mm, but also butterfly cuts "Cordon bleu" style and steak roulade. Even cubes, strips of meat and bone-in pork chops can be standardized with this highly flexible machine.

The V-Cut 240 allows the production of pre-formatted fixed weight batches, in simple portions or butterfly cuts, which can be delivered as single portions, stacked or shingled, ready for direct manual or automatic packaging in trays.

And: It fits in any process, as stand-alone equipment or integrated into production lines.

Switching from one product to another is quick and easy, with minimal setup times and without the use of tools

The modern technology used in the V-Cut 240 ensures that the shape and weight of the pieces are perfectly uniform. Advanced software, with flexible portioning programs, allows portions to be created with optimized weight, consistent cut thickness and optimized yield.

In order for portioning to occur without interruptions and with a minimum of non-productive time, the V-Cut 240 has a continuous raw material feeding system. This feature also guarantees the highest levels of operator safety.

Marel LatAm Sales Director Meat, Fernando Roos, comments that the V-Cut 240 meets the current needs of food processors, who have seen increased demand for portioned foods, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this period, when many families started to eat at home, the retail sector registered a significant growth in the demand for portioned and ready-to-eat products, such as beef steaks and pork cuts. 

The adoption of new technologies for portioning has become fundamental for processors to guarantee the quality and precise specifications that retailers demand, and Marel is ready to help them meet this market.

Fernando Roos at Marel

Fernando Roos
Sales Director Marel Meat LatAm

Campinas Demo Centre Marel

Marel in Latin America

Local technical assistance and global support for all LatAm countries

Being a global leader in providing advanced equipment, systems and services for the poultry, meat and fish processing industries, Marel has a complete regional structure to serve all Latin American countries, with local technical assistance and global support to ensure the excellence of its equipment and lines.

In July 2021, the company inaugurated a new Progress Point demonstration center in Brazil to serve food processors in the region and offer practical experiences and online demonstrations of different equipment for portion cutting and follow-up processes.

Let's talk about your needs in fresh meat portioning

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