Who benefits from using software in convenience food production?

Everyone! Collecting and analyzing data from a processing line brings numerous advantages to multiple users

Convenience Line Software User Group

Software on a convenience line is a powerful tool that impacts the work of a diverse group of users. At any given moment, many different people in a processing plant can be using it to help them make data-driven decisions in their own particular area of activity. Get an overview of who the users are and the advantages software brings to their specific roles, as well as how Marel’s Convenience Line Software can help food processors take complete control of processing.

Convenience Line Software Line guides line operators through set up and QC process

Line operators

Software offers practical guidance to operators, leaving less room for human error. It clearly guides them through machine set up in a convenience line, when to take QC measurements and how to manage ingredients to achieve a stable process, with minimum fluctuation.

Convenience Line Software gives Quality Managers a real-time insight into production.

The Quality Manager

Software ensures the collection of reliable QC data, giving Quality Managers a real-time insight into production. It ensures the convenience line operates efficiently, producing products that meet all specifications and reducing waste through rework or rejects. All data collected can be found in the system quickly and easily for QC evaluation or for customers audits and product recalls.

Convenience Line Software gives Operations Managers insight into production progress, allowing rapid intervention.

The Operations Manager

Software gives Operations Managers a continuous and real-time insight into production progress with easy-to-read dashboards and early warnings if processing runs outside specification, allowing rapid intervention. In addition, access to historical data makes it quicker and easier to troubleshoot and solve problems. 

Convenience Line Software ensures issues are solved fast or prevented, meaning more uptime and better performance

The Maintenance Manager

Software provides direct insight into equipment status and performance, which include information on Overall Equipment Effectiveness. This makes it possible to easily determine focus areas for improvements.

Convenience Line Software continual improvements, such as reducing giveaway, making better use of labor and optimizing raw material use

The Plant Manager and the CEO

Software helps ensure a profitable organization. It gives Plant Managers and CEOs direct insight into processing. This ensures a constant production process and that production is according to product specifications.

Introducing Marel’s Convenience Line Software

Marel’s Convenience Line Software was specifically created to help all users with their individual challenges when creating convenience food products. Convenience Line Software collects and analyzes data from a line to give complete insight into production. It lets processors take complete control of the process and make informed decisions to optimize profitability.

Why choose Marel’s Convenience Line Software?

  • Maximum product consistency
    The software ensures a consistent and controlled production process. If there are any deviations from specifications, data is available to pinpoint and resolve the issues.
  • Optimal line efficiency and equipment uptime
    Dashboards give real-time status of equipment availability and performance, so problems to be quickly identified and resolved. Historical reports identify areas for focus and to optimize overall equipment effectiveness.
  • Reduced operator dependency
    Operators are guided through set up with precise instructions on machines, settings and ingredients, ensuring every detail is right - every time.
  • Reliable paperless QC process
    The software fully digitizes the quality control process. It ensures data is collected accurately, stored reliably and easily accessible for evaluations, audits and recalls.
  • Efficient order fulfillment
    Thanks to a complete overview of production and order status, production schedules can be easily monitored and modified to ensure targets are met correctly and on time.


Learn more about this powerful tool and how it can transform your convenience food processing.


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