Poultry evisceration - vent opener

Pre eviscerator operations

A peerless preparation for clean evisceration

Prior to the eviscerator, the carcass has to be prepared for this crucial operation. First, the vent has to be cut, after which the abdominal cavity can be opened for evisceration 

Pre-eviscerator operations have to be extremely hygienic and cautious, as no damage should be done to the outside carcass nor the intestines. That's why Marel's vent cutters ensure the most effective removal of vent, bursa fabricii and urethra. The Opening Machines apply an accurate opening cut to the abdominal skin of broilers allowing viscera packs to be drawn out easily and cleanly by the eviscerator.   

Marel's pre-eviscerator systems can handle all bird weights.

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