Sensorx Screen With Fillet On Belt


Stay contaminant-free with SensorX and Spectra

Food safety is essential in all food processing operations and is vital to maintaining brand loyalty. If bone fragments and other contaminants in deboned poultry are not effectively removed, end customers can easily switch brands. Our SensorX and Spectra detection system ensure processors a best-quality product at a profit-enhancing cost.

The SensorX bone detection system scans the product using advanced X-ray technology. Product with bone is rejected to a workstation with a display showing the precise location of the bone. In addition to bone detection, the SensorX can detect other contaminants such as metal, stone and glass. Ever since its introduction in 2007, the SensorX system has become the benchmark for bone detection with over 500 systems operating worldwide.

Spectra is a groundbreaking solution featuring spectral imaging, a technology fit for soft contaminant detection. It performs a double-sided surface scanning of the poultry fillet as it falls through the air, detecting foreign surface material with unrivaled precision. Spectra can detect foreign material, such as plastics, rubber and wood on the surface of a product, solving an urgent industry problem.

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