killing and defeatthering duck

Killing and defeathering

The right balance between product quality and efficiency

Good and effective stunning, killing and defeathering significantly influence the quality, shelf life and appearance of your end products. We offer the right balance between product quality, efficiency and hygiene.

Important features in ongoing developments are reductions in water consumption, energy consumption, cleaning costs and maintenance costs, whilst preserving the optimum result. The modular equipment design implies easy upgrade options to increasing capacities.

Ducks are stunned by guiding them through an electrical charged water bath. The infeed plate ensures effective stunning. The flexible high-frequency water bath stunner complies fully with existing regulations. After stunning the necks are cut so the ducks can bleed out.

Marel scalders ensure optimum heat transfer and precise temperature control, two vital characteristics of a first-class scalding system. Extra agitators in duck scalders create a downward water flow to keep ducks immersed in spite of their floating capacity.

The way a duck is defeathered is crucial to its presentation. Our pluckers feature adaptable plucking speeds and adjustable individual beams. Just like the frequency converters at the breast side, they contribute to the optimization of the plucking result.

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