Backbone Cutter, BBC1500W

User-friendly and flexible backbone cutter

  • Safe automatic spare rib cutter
  • Clean cuts, no contamination with bone fragments
  • Yield increase of up to 2 %
  • Highest quality of spare ribs, button ribs and bone-in loin


The BBC 1500W backbone cutter is Marel’s 100 % safe, easy to use and way to cut spare ribs from beef and veal. It is the most adaptable spare rib cutter on the market.

The BBC1500W produces spare ribs by cutting the ribs off the split backbone. The horizontal band saw is able to cut very close to the spine, much closer than an operator could on a conventional band saw. This results in an extra yield of up to 2%.

With its thin, high speed saw blade the BBC1500W makes clean cuts, without bone particles or splinters, resulting in the highest possible quality of spare ribs.

How does it work?

The BBC1500W backbone cutter is an automatic band saw that removes the spare ribs from beef and veal backbones. The backbone is fed onto the infeed table, where the infeed wheels pull it into the machine and over the cutting edge of the band saw blade, which separates the spare ribs from the backbone. The remains of the backbone are discharged at the other end of the machine. The spare ribs drop onto a conveyor belt for packaging or further processing.

Both the position of the horizontal cutting edge and the width of the infeed table can be adapted to the size of the backbones. This makes the BBC1500W the only spare rib cutter on the market that cuts backbones beef and veal with or without neck bones.


Average capacity is between 1200 to 1350 pieces/hour, with a maximum of about 1500 pieces/hour.

Even more value can be added by feeding the backbone remains into a meat harvesting system.


  • Very safe operation
  • Manually adjustable infeed
  • Band saw creates a clean end product without bone fragments
  • Low noise level (<75dB), no hearing protection required
  • Simple assembly and disassembly



Length: 2000 mm 78 ¾ inch
Width: 1274 mm 50 ¼ inch
Width with conveyor:    1613 mm 63 ½ inch
Height: 1505 mm 59 ¼ inch
Weight net (crated): 325 kg (400 kg)     717 lbs (882 lbs)
Sound pressure level:     <75dB(A)  
Total power: 1,8 kW 2.4 hp


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