EmulsiMax 175

Automated emulsion for high-quality sausage products

  • Higher quality final product
  • No metal-to-metal contact: safe and low maintenance
  • Up to 50% lower running costs
  • Less operator dependent


More cuts per minute than other emulsifier

The EmulsiMax 175 creates consistently stable, high-quality emulsions from all types of meat products. It can produce a wide variety of sausages as well as skin emulsion for nugget producers. Its special combination of fixed and rotating cutting plates gives more cuts per minute than other emulsifier while dramatically reducing operational costs.

Designed to meet the highest industry standards, the EmulsiMax 175 is the ideal solution for industrial plants, medium-sized companies, and producers of fine sausages that want to automate their production of emulsified sausage products.

No metal-to-metal contact lowers costs and increases safety

Unlike conventional pressurized hole plates/knife systems, the EmulsiMax 175 aspirates the pre-mixed product through a system of vertically sequential hole plates and cutting plates. These rotate without contact at a minimal distance to one another, ensuring high protein extraction with maximum precision for even the finest minces.

Outstanding flexibility

The EmulsiMax 175 has an exceptionally flexible cutting tools setup that can achieve everything from coarse to extremely fine emulsions. It is quick and easy to change the knife-set as needed, and the system’s unique third cutting set ensures that no larger particles like raw pork skin can pass the knife-set without being cut.


Power: 110 KW.
Frequency converter
Noise level: 80 to 90 DB depending on products (82-85 in normal conditions)
Plate diameter: 175 mm
Capacity: From 4 to 10 tons/hour depending on product configuration
Weight: 2,500 kg
Footprint: 1,200 x 2,300 cm including electrical cabinet


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