FTIM RotoVac Inspection & Neck Skin Trim


  • Removes any debris remaining in the product after evisceration
  • Precise application of vacuum
  • No damage to product or ribs
  • Integrated Neck Skin Trimmer


The FTIM RotoVac combines the functionalities of a Final Inspection Machine and a Neck Skin Trimmer. The integrated machine has a smaller footprint and a lower investment level. This 20-unit carousel removes any debris such as hearts, lungs, or other viscera remnants remaining in the product after evisceration. At the same time, it cuts neck skins (flaps) straight to a uniform length for optimum presentation.

Internal organs or bits of them left in the product after evisceration are the number one enemy of shelf life. Equipment to remove them shouldn’t, however, damage ribs. The FTIM RotoVac cleans the abdominal cavity perfectly without damaging the rib cage.

How it works

To avoid rib damage, products are positioned precisely by a leg loop and a shoulder lifter, so that the specially shaped suction nozzles always enter them correctly. Vacuum is only applied once the unit is stationary at the bottom of the cavity. The twin nozzles rotate outwards from the breastbone towards the ribs on either side of the product. They move along the line of the ribs and therefore prevent them from damage.


Vacuum is provided by blowers rather than by a vacuum unit. Not only are these better at providing the vacuum needed for top performance, they’re also easier to maintain and cheaper to run.

Neck skin trim

All options of the RNT are integrated in the FTIM Rotovac. The length of neck flaps is adjustable, according to product specification. Neck skins can be taken away from the machine by the shared vacuum transport system.


  • Free standing with lockable hinged doors
  • Integral collection bin under machine
  • Open design with no blind spots for easy cleaning
  • Machine raised and lowered pneumatically for cleaning and maintenance. Operational settings not affected
  • Overload protection


  • FTIM RotoVac Final Inspection Machine with integrated Neck Skin Trimmer
  • FIM RotoVac Final Inspection Machine (up to 16 units)


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