Giblet Chilling

  • Suitable for chilling all giblets and necks
  • Efficient chilling
  • Accurate temperature management


Edible giblets can be chilled in water or air.

Chilling by air is done by transferring livers, gizzards, hearts and necks automatically onto a conveyor belt system which takes them slowly through the same air-chilled tunnel as the one used for carcasses in the overhead conveyor line. Having much smaller dimensions than carcasses, giblets can stay shorter in the chilling tunnel and won't risk freezing. 

  • Effective giblet chilling
  • High-capacity processing possible
  • Accurate temperature management
  • No water absorption
  • Ease of handling


Immersion chilling in water is done by feeding giblets to counterflow screw chillers, where product and chilling water move in opposite directions. The giblet water chiller is a trough with a rotating conveyor screw driven by a motor reductor. Giblets and necks are fed into the giblet chiller and conveyed to the end of the unit by a screw conveyor. There they are discharged by the ejector of the screw conveyor. Giblets and necks are chilled by keeping them in cold water which is kept at the correct temperature by adding make-up ice water and/or flake ice.

An overflow keeps the water at the correct level. Excess water is discharged via a drain.

  • Effective giblet chilling
  • Possibility of using ice water and/or adding flake ice
  • Non-corrosive materials
  • Agitated water


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