Horizontal Slicer MSC 650-45

  • High capacity
  • Efficient & reliable
  • Automatic in-feed & out-feed
  • Slicing calculated by PLC
  • Reduced waste
  • Easy to clean


The MSC 650-45 is the most advanced horizontal slicer for fish and salmon on the market. It is the new version of the LS 650-45 slicer with new touch screen display and a new fish measurer. The machine breaks with the common “batch principal” in favor of an in-line and continuous production.

All slicing processes are optimized and controlled by a PLC and slicing parameters are easily entered at a touch screen display. The fillet is automatically fixed at the tail before slicing and released after slicing.

The slicing capacity is app. 120 kg/h. by 1 kg fillets. The CP Long Slicer will always be capable of performing the task, i.e. production of an entire pre-cut side with the specified specifications and the required quality:

  • Smoked salmon and trout
  • Fresh salmon
  • Similar fish species
  • High capacity – up to 120 kg/h
  • Efficient & reliable
  • Automatic in-feed and out-feed
  • Slicing calculated by PLC
  • Reduced waste
  • Easy to clean
  • Cleaning stand included
  • Electrical driven


Capacity:  Up to 120 kg/h based on 1 kg fillets, 2,4 mm slice thickness
Cutting angle: Horizontal
Max product height:   45 mm
Slice thickness: From 1,8 mm
Max cutting width: 230 mm
Max slicing length: 650 mm
Product temperature: 0 to + 4° C
Electricity: 3 x 400V + N+PE / 3 x 220V + PE
Power consumption: 1,3 kW
Compressed air: Not required
Dimensions (LxWxH):   2700 x 900 x 1200 mm
Weight: 340 kg



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