Leg cutting module JL-RT

  • Unrivalled yield
  • Accurate and uniform cuts
  • Most oysters harvested with the leg
  • Minimal residual bone
  • Top quality; superb presentation
  • Flexible production


Leg processing is all about high yields, very accurate and uniform cuts and almost endless end product options. The perfect presentation and leg skin trimming option make turkey legs perfect for retail sales.

The JL-RT anatomic leg cutting module separates the rear half into two anatomic legs and a back piece. It makes every effort to harvest the maximum quantity of meat from the product.


Our JL-RT leg processing module allows you to process high yield end anatomically cut products with attractive skin presentation. The module can be set to accommodate a wide range of flock weights and can be individually bypassed if necessary. In this way, JL-RT offers maximum production flexibility.

The technology used in JL-RT results in unrivalled yield with almost all oysters harvested cleanly. Knives cut as close to the pelvic bone as possible leaving an absolute minimum of meat behind. Excellent positioning techniques, designed to cope with large in-flock weight variations, ensure that back halves are processed to consistently high standards.

After being cut, legs keep suspended from the NT shackle for any further downstream operations which may be needed.

  • Easy by-pass possible
  • Quick and safe adjustment between flocks
  • Easy access for technical settings
  • Handles back halves from a wide weight range with high throughput
  • Minimal meat left on the back piece
  • Minimal residual bone in the anatomic leg; less rework necessary
  • Producing turkey legs perfect for retail sales
  • Creates perfect input material for hand or automatic de-boning


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