MAJA RVH-L Flake Ice Machine

Highly flexible split installation

  • Hygienic ice production for food-safe refrigeration
  • Split installation of flake ice producing and refrigeration unit
  • Ideal solution for high ambient temperatures
  • Wide range of customized accessories and options


The flake ice lines MAJA RVH-L (for standard temperatures) and MAJA RVH-LT (for higher temperatures) offer a wide choice of ice producing units, ranging from 250 kg ice output up to 12.000 kg / 24 h. This split version is the ideal solution for all installations, where the ice producing unit and the condensing unit must be installed in separate locations, e.g. in fish and meat processing companies, bakeries or supermarkets, but also in various non-food applications.

Hygienic, food-safe ice production

MAJA flake ice machines are labeled HY-GEN protected. This stands for excellent sanitary conditions:

  • Easy access to cleaning relevant parts from all sides, without the use of tools
  • Easily removable, round-shaped plastic water tank
  • Water tank without built-in parts, angles, edges and screws, allowing easy and thorough cleaning
  • Automatic water pipe rinsing after 24 hours without ice production
  • Special hygiene advantages in accordance with the German drinking water regulations


  • Separate condensing unit in weather protection housing in galvanized steel. Silent, solid and service-friendly solution with good access for maintenance
  • RVH 9000 /12000 L/LT consist of two separately operated rotating evaporator units for individual control of ice output, according to varying needs and high operational safety.
  • Made for operation with the fluorinated greenhouse gaz R449A (GWP 1397) 
  • Supplied without refrigerant filling. The refrigerant charge and the resulting CO2 equivalent (CO2e) must be determined during its startup.
  • Air-cooled condensing unit in L or LT version for different ambient temperatures
  • With heat exchanger for optimum energy efficiency
  • Electronic condenser fan speed regulator for automatic adaptation to variable ambient temperatures.

Easy operation – convenient ice handling

  • Easy operation by control panel ON/OFF for remote operation.
  • Control panels with program function are optionally available.
  • Reliable SPS control unit
  • Solid machine structure, frame and housing in stainless steel


  Temperature range 
air-cooled condensing unit L / LT (R449A)
RVH-L line

Temperature range of air-cooled condensing unit L
approx. -15°C until +38°C

RVH-LT line Temperature range of air-cooled condensing unit LT
approx. -15°C until +42°C

Water-cooled execution of (separate) condensing unit
for a temperature difference tIN / tOUT approx. 10 - 20 K


Refrigeration of (separate) condensing unit by heat transfer medium or water for a temperature difference
tIN / tOUT of approx. 5 K (tmin -8°C)


Patented fully automatic self-cleaning system MAJA-SCS:
For time saving and optimum hygiene safety by automating the cleaning process

Ozone degermination system:
Optimal hygiene conditions already in the water inlet

Control Panel Timer with timer function:
Freely programmable ice production and cleaning cycles

Winter mode:
For ambient temperatures between -15°C and -40°C

Special coating for condenser fans:
For installation in aggressive (salt-laden) sea air.

Wide range of accessories and options allowing individual machine installation:
Subframes, consoles for wall fixation, chutes, ice level sensors, ice transport and storage solutions, flake ice silos, ice batching solutions


Preventive maintenance can detect system wear and imminent malfunctions at an early stage. 
By checking and regulating system parameters, the operational reliability of your flake ice machine is increased and energy-efficient operation of the refrigeration system is supported.

A regular check of the safety equipment ensures smooth operation of the system and protects against malfunctions in good time.

Cleaning the condenser ensures greater operational safety.

Cleaning the condenser helps to save energy. Condensers that are dirty can result in up to 10% higher energy consumption!

The optimally adjusted refrigerant charge quantity is the basis for a safe operation of your flake ice machine with high efficiency.

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