VOC Vent Cutter / Opening Machine

Combined vent cutter and opening machine

  • The only machine on the market to combine vent cutting and vent opening
  • Accurately removes vent and bursa fabricii with minimal meat loss
  • Greatly reduces the risk of damage to intestines
  • Ideal for small products such as spring chicken


The VOC Vent Cutter / Opening Machine combines two functions in a single machine: cutting the vent loose, so it can be removed from the carcass, and opening the abdominal skin. The viscera pack can then be removed undamaged. The VOC is available in several versions, suitable for both smaller and larger birds, and for lines with capacities of up to 10,500 birds per hour (175 birds per minute).

With just one carousel for two operations instead of separate carousels for each operation, the VOC means lower machine-related costs and less floor space taken. Compared to manual venting and opening, the VOC also saves labor. Operations are carried out very hygienically, thereby preventing product contamination and maintaining product quality.


The VOC Vent Cutter / Opening Machine is available in many different executions for both low and high throughputs. The product scope starts with the VOC-8, an 8-unit carousel at 12” shackle pitch, capable of handling up to 2,500 broilers per hour (42 birds per minute). The range continues with 10-unit, 16-unit and 20-unit machines. The top-of-the-line 24-unit machine can handle up to 10,500 birds per hour (175 birds per minute).

Should you want to increase production capacity at a later stage, the capacity of both the VOC-8 and VOC-10 can be extended by simply doubling the number of units on their carousels to create 6” pitch VOC-16 and VOC-20 machines. Production can therefore be doubled with no need to buy an all-new machine.

Besides being available for different throughputs, the VOC is also available for different broiler weight ranges in low, normal or heavy-duty executions. Which machine is right for you will depend on the range of weights you process and the end products you want to make. 


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